12+ Small Kitchen Organization Ideas to Maximize Tiny Storage

You, me, and our moms, everyone likes the clean and clutter-free kitchens. Nobody ever has enough kitchen storage or counter space because finding a location for everything in a kitchen that is only a few square feet in size is quite a problem. After all, it would help if you located specific spaces for everything from pots and pans to plates, glasses, utensils, gadgets, appliances, and food. These spots should be both functional for your requirements and filled with style.

With the best small kitchen organizing ideas, even the tiniest storage of kitchens can be made to feel more spacious and functional. To our good fortune, this is one of the primary areas in which Sunflower Homes excels. To assist you in making the most of the space that you do have, we have compiled a list of the 12+ ideas that we believe to be the greatest of all time.

1.) Eliminate The Non-Essential Things

Do you realize how many modern pantry items come with their lids these days? Even though they can be resealed and everything, they are a nuisance to keep because of their size and shape. Get rid of unneeded coverings that take up space in your cabinets, and frequently place the things you need to access in containers. It will be the first step to organizing the kitchen which will keep your cabinets neat.

2.) Organize Spice & Pulse Jars in The Drawers

Utilizing every square inch of available space in Modular Kitchen is one of the most efficient small kitchen organization ideas that can be used. A shelf has our undivided attention when it’s mounted to the wall. You can keep the jars in small kitchen cabinets. Make sure you attach baskets to these shelves so that the contents of the back shelves can be retrieved as necessary.

3.) Use the Space Above Your Refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator has been seen to store various items. Sadly, it frequently gives the impression of being messy or wasteful, but if you carefully select the products you use the most, your pantry can look rather lovely. Also, it will make items easier to grab when time is of the essence.

4.) Use Hooks for Hanging Clothes and Cups

The tiny adhesive hooks can help with that. They work well as interior cabinet storage for dish towels and potholders. It supports the fact of keeping things out of sight whenever you can. Try a pegboard instead of hanging a few more constricting shelves. It adds incredibly flexible storage space that may change over time as your needs change.

5.) Use 2-3 Tiered Racks

You can maximize the available storage space in your home by installing shelf risers in your cabinets and adding aesthetically pleasing shelf risers to your countertops. The storage space consists of two to three tiers of racks, but thanks to a clever piece of furniture, it gives the impression of being at least slightly ordered.

6.) Keep the Kitchen Counter Empty

You can separate bags of necessary items from their respective boxes and combine bottles of spices, this is a mistake done by a lot of people while organizing their small kitchens. You may also store all matcha-related items in a single compact container. Use the space on the back of your cabinet doors to maximize the storage space in your small kitchen. Hang up pot lids or even pot holders. To know more you can also read this blog of Martha Stewart!

7.) Increase The Use of Drawers

It’s not always easy to make out what’s tucked away in the very rear of the room. For this reason, we like drawers, particularly in kitchens with limited space. If you cannot reconstruct the area, a small kitchen organization’s idea would be to attach baskets to the shelves so that the contents of the back shelves may be accessed by pulling out the baskets.

8.) Use Baskets to Store Sundry Items

Because they make the most efficient use of space, kitchen drawers are a crucial component in the planning process for kitchen storage solutions, particularly in a kitchen with limited square footage. Having kitchen organizers such as standard drawer dividers is necessary when bringing orders to kitchen drawers. When establishing any appearance of order within kitchen drawers, kitchen organizers such as conventional drawer dividers are an absolute must.

9.) Keep Trash Out of Your Small Kitchen.

Set aside five minutes every day to clear your counter space moving forward. During this time, you should put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the sides, and put everything back where it belongs. It will guarantee that your counter space remains well-organized & is a great small kitchen organization idea. Jars, cans, and bags of dried products that are in surplus can be stored in baskets and moved to a different location or even kept entirely outside of the kitchen.

10.) Don’t Keep Occasional Items in The Kitchen

Utilizing portable furniture is helpful to take advantage of additional countertops or storage space whenever required. Take into consideration versatile pieces of furniture such as detachable kitchen islands. Instead of being stored in the kitchen, a well-proportioned rolling cart can take up permanent residence next to the dining table.

11.) Use Your Windows for Storing Items

You can suspend your assortment of cookware from the ceiling in front of the window in your kitchen. It becomes a joyful focal point that is also clever storage because of the uniform collection and the pop-y orange handles used.

12.) Use Movable Tables

You can create a beautiful and practical combination of open shelves and cube storage by combining a second do-it-yourself kitchen island with one on wheels. Thanks to the open frame in your kitchen, you can display some of your more aesthetically pleasing goods, such as charming dishes or serving platters.

13.) Use The Space of Other Rooms

There is no hard-and-fast rule that all kitchen storage must be in the cooking area, so look elsewhere for goods you use sparingly. Similar advice applies to extra appliances and utensils. Put them in baskets to keep them organized, and if you have tall kitchen cabinets, think about putting them there.


If you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side, you probably already know how tough it can be to find space for your various pieces of kitchen equipment, such as your dishes, cutlery, glasses, and any other pots and pans that you may own. Instead of stacking items in an unsafe fashion, we have delved into 13 practical small kitchen organization ideas. Also, Sunflower Homes can help you execute these ideas, we provide the best modular kitchen in Jaipur. In addition, we have great expertise in modifying smaller kitchens as we have all the creative ways to make the space appear fantastic.

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